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Mr. Kamran Afshar is an experienced NAATI Accredited Translator with NAATI NO. 63535 with following qualifications and skills: Mr. Kamran Afshar (Naati Accredited Translator)
Address: Unit 5,Level 5,Negar Tower,Vali-E-Asr St., Vanak Sq., Tehran 1969833111, Iran
Telephone: +98-2188641433
Cell phone: +98-9121714127
Farsi: Native Speaker
English: Advanced Level
E-Mail: Translate@persianmigrant.com

QualificationsHolder of Bachelor’s Degree in field of English Literature from Allameh Tabatabaei University. His abilities are as followed: - Studying the original texts and converting them into target language to convey the original meanings,
- Consulting dictionaries and other reference sources to determine accurate meanings of terms,
- Ensuring that phraseology and terminology of legal, technical or scientific texts are correctly rendered into English language,
- Creating forms that are repetitious for the birth certificates, marriage certificate and so on to be used for future translations,
- Translating into other languages in appropriate and standard style,
- Revising translations to improve them,
- Attending meetings with two different companies and rendering the topics of the meetings and sentences,
- Playing the role of interpreter and negotiator for some companies,
- Being able to be consecutive and simultaneous interpreter of conferences,
- Jun 7Th -8Th 2010 ( Translation Criticism )
- Dec 21St -22nd 2010 ( Methods of Translation Training )
- Dec 20Th -21St 2011( Theoretical methods and frame works of research in translation)
- Dec 18Th -19Th 2012 ( Translation, Cultural Combination, and national Identity )