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اینستاگرام ما لینکداین ما فیسبوک ما تلگرام ما
اینستاگرام ما لینکداین ما فیسبوک ما تلگرام ما
About Us

Persian Migrant Consultants Company is one of the valid registered companies which offers legal consultations in Iran, Canada, Australia and New Zealand that has started its activities in Tehran since 2006. Services to the migration clients are offered under supervision of an experienced and expert manager along with legal supervision of immigration agents accredited by MARA organization and also senior attorney-at-law. This company offers the most and best services to its clients by accumulating full information and hiring professional experts in the field of migration about all fields of studies. Persian Migrant Consultants Company is about to offer its clients better services by hiring specialized staffs in terms of offering consultations in different fields, new services and systematizing all affairs.

The above-mentioned services are as follow:Specialized consultation services: Offering consultation services to clients concerning migration, education and clarifying migration regulations and resolving the client’s probable problems.

Specialized services:Consulting and assisting in preparing specialized documents including CDR, RPL, CV and Business Plan in order to carry out affairs relevant to migration in accordance with standard and making use of the current samples.

Tourism and short-term residence permit:P.M.C Company provides services for its clients in order to facilitate their travel affairs by cooperating with travel agency and offering services concerning purchasing tickets and obtaining short-term visas.

Post-Visa Services:P.M.C Company is able to offer the following services to its clients owing to having abundant information in Australia, New Zealand and Canada
Dwelling:Consulting and assisting in finding appropriate dwelling house
Consulting for employment: consulting and cooperating in order to complete different documents for job application
Consulting for trade occasions:finding the most suitable trade in accordance with your trading experiences and your intended country for migration
General consultation:Offering consultation in various fields of Medical services, Centrelink services, acquaintance with different required centrs and registering in various course classes

Generally,P.M.C owns a systematic mechanism, by which the company provides the clients with full information pertaining to all stages of migration file; it is also able to register files in Australian Department of Home Affairs or other organization on an online basis, therefore P.M.C Co. plays a critical role in accelerating the migration process of its clients and answering their questions.