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اینستاگرام ما لینکداین ما فیسبوک ما تلگرام ما
اینستاگرام ما لینکداین ما فیسبوک ما تلگرام ما
Why P.M.C.?

The reason of choosing P.M.C Co. from the client’s viewpoint:- Variety of contracts in accordance with the clients’ needs (proxy agreement or consultative contracts)
- Hiring agent registered by MARA to progress Migration files
- Hiring experienced and elite consultants with full capabilities in updated regulations
- Having hundreds of successful files backed by experiences
- Hiring experienced and best-trained executive staff
- Evaluating the clients’ conditions accurately before concluding contract and offering the most suitable solutions
- Progressing migration files as soon as possible with the most suitable costs
- Offering translation services accredited by NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters)
- Responding to vast range of migration questions through Question-and-answer sessions
- Ability to communicate and consult the Iranians living in Australia in Sydney office
- Continuing consultation services after obtaining visa
- Receiving positive feedback from previous clients
- Providing Congenial and pleasant environment for the clients